The Utley Experience

“Dr. Ebony Utley has been an incredible resource for our StayGo relationship/dating application. She offers a unique and powerful mix of cutting-edge academic insights and practical business strategies.”
–Alan Winters




Social Impact

The Utley Experience is also a consulting company. I assist corporations, nonprofits, and startups with event planning, product development, marketing research, competitive analysis, pitch preparation, diversifying their audience base, and overall consulting.

My background in curating events and developing technology products for social impact informs this work as does my current leadership role as the Associate Director for the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at California State University Long Beach.

My consulting resume includes but is not limited to: raising awareness about the dark side of technology, improving romantic relationship communication, supporting women recovering from infidelity, and preventing domestic violence through entrepreneurship.

Additionally, I bring my experience as a founder. I founded Love Lines, an online game designed to improve romantic relationship communication as well as Entrepreneurs End Domestic Violence, an entity that funds entrepreneurs willing to incorporate domestic violence awareness and prevention into their business model.

As your consultant, I will assess the needs of your organization and offer manageable solutions for increasing social impact and maximizing profitability.

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