The Utley Experience

Kemetic Yoga is an ancient Egyptian system of yoga based upon physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation. It is a meditative, slow practice, emphasizing the rule of four breathing method and geometric progression.

Rule of four breathing measures the breath in four parts: 1) the inhale, 2) a pause at the top of the inhale, 3) the exhale, and 4 a pause a the bottom of the exhale. Breathing this way through an entire practice ensures mindfulness.

Kemetic Yoga also emphasizes the natural geometry of the body by focusing on triangular poses that channel pyramidal power. Each pose geometrically builds on previous poses so there are no awkward or dangerous transitions. Emphasis is placed on spinal alignment and the release of blocked energy through the breath.

Many people who do not consider themselves “yogis” find comfort, relaxation, and stillness in Kemetic Yoga as it does not demand the athleticism of many popular yoga practices. In Kemetic Yoga, as we intentionally control our breath, we circulate life force, strengthen the respiratory system, and activate the circulatory, parasympathetic, and endocrine systems.

Ebony Yoga trained with Yiser Ra Hotep via his YogaSkills method. Ebony Yoga is an intentionally safe space for people of color who want to reconnect with their bodies, minds, and spirits. For more information visit: