The Utley Experience

Publications on Race

Heyse, Amy L. and Ebony A. Utley. “Barack Obama’s Neo-Racial Responses to Black Death.” In Reconsidering Obama, edited by Robert E. Terrill, 33-49. New York: Peter Lang, 2017.

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Conversations on Race

How to Know When It’s All Good Dr. Utley describes her graduate school experiences.

Obama’s Way with Words Dr. Utley reviews H. Samy Alim and Geneva Smitherman’s Articulate While Black and considers how race is heard in President Obama’s discourse.

Slouching Toward Washington Dr. Utley reviews Mark Edward Taylor’s Branding Obamamessiah and muses about the success of President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Is America Post-Race? Dr. Utley surveys the racist comments within YouTube responses to Obamacare and declares that America is definitely not post-race.

Barack Obama: A Dialogue in Black and White Dr. Utley and Dr. Lisa Corrigan analyze how Americans talk about race after President Obama’s election.

The Whitening of the California State University System Dr. Utley discusses how measures taken to save money within the California State University System are making it less accessible to students of color