The Utley Experience

Relationship Publications

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Relationship Conversations

Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal Dr. Ebony Utley lends her expertise to the hit show Unfaithful on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

UnSlut: A Documentary Film Dr. Utley imparts her perspective as an expert in UnSlut: A Documentary Film.

Digital Indiscretions–Part One Connection Dr. Utley explains how technology can bring couples closer as well as introduce a third party into a relationship.

Digital Indiscretions–Part Two Confessions Dr. Utley observes how technology can facilitate infidelity and its discovery.

Digital Indiscretions–Part Three Obsessions Dr. Utley questions how far one should go in collecting details about a partner’s affair.

The Bad Woman: A Review of Tyler Perry’s Temptation (Spoiler Alert) Dr. Utley critiques Tyler Perry’s representation of a wife who has an affair.

Dear Karrine Steffans: An Open Letter Dr. Utley writes to Karrine Steffans on how to love.

The African American Experience with Infidelity Dr. Utley discusses marriage and infidelity on the Inspiration by Loretta show.

The Good Wives Dr. Utley explores how wives transition after experiencing infidelity.

Cheating? iPhone Has an App for That Dr. Utley scrutinizes the marriage of infidelity and technology.

African American Marriage Dr. Utley encourages audiences to look for black love in spaces that include but are not limited to marriage.

The Problem with Black Marriage Day Dr. Utley historicizes black marriage day from slavery through black nationalism to the present.

Black Women’s Relationships: What’s Really Real? Dr. Utley differentiates fact from fiction in mediated representations of black women’s relationships during a talk at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

Basketball Wives Dr. Utley uncovers the heartbreak of the “hardcore” basketball wives.

Dating White or Dating Right? Dr. Utley refutes LaShaun Williams’ 8 reasons to date a white man.

All About Love Dr. Utley cautions that unconditional love is dangerous when it is not mutual.

Is Women’s Empowerment Really the Problem? Dr. Utley argues that women’s empowerment is not a threat to healthy, mutually affirming relationships.